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Advisory and Curatorial Services

Quality Art Consulting advises private, corporate, and institutional clients in all aspects of building a fine art collection. We keep abreast of market trends and are able, through our long-term association with artists, galleries, auction houses and museum directors, to guide our collectors through the acquisition process with discretion and confidentiality.

Collections Development and Management

Quality Art Consulting offers a range of services to collectors, from archiving and documentation of works, to overseeing shipping and insurance, to arranging for storage and framing. We also advise on the proper care and conservation of their art.


We offer expert art installation to showcase our client's collections to their best advantage. And because we assist our clients in developing collecting strategies, we understand that a successful collector is an educated collector. To that end we arrange exclusive visits to artists' studios and major art fairs, as well as keeping our clients up to date on the latest news from the art world.

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